Hidden Gems: Agra’s Mini Taj

This is a hidden gem in the crummy city of Agra. It is constructed with marble and decorated with intricate inlay work with colourful semiprecious stones. Surrounding the edifice are four well-maintained lawns on each corner of the building. These are symbolic of the Mughal Char-Bagh style of architecture. The ceiling was painted with beautiful mosaics […]

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6 Reasons to Visit India

I have always heard mixed reviews about the visits to my country, India.  People either love the country or hate it. I obviously don’t agree with the ones that hate it. But I fully understand why they may dislike certain things about India or their whole Indian experience.  India can teach you a lot. So […]

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13 Things To Do In Prague

Prague is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited. Prague has it unique romantic charm. It is beautiful to watch the sunset at Charles Bridge when Prague’s sky lights up in a purple hue. Prague has a graceful aura with a post-communist flavour. The city is lined with beautiful buildings and cobblestoned streets. […]

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Packing List for India

If you are visiting India, it will be a good idea to pack the following items in your luggage. Toilet Paper – Not all toilets in India have toilet paper rolls.Indians prefer to use water over using toilet paper. Although, the facility is more widely available now in the bigger cities, it is still advisable […]

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